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Using Nature's remedies passed down to us from our ancestors

Personalized Healing-Enhancing Crystals

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Why ShiTerra Crystals Are So Special

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Choosing the Perfect Crystal

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Each Crystal Has a Specific Mission

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ShiTerra Healing Empowering Stones

ShiTerra stones support, guide and protect whoever carries them. Using the teachings of Native Indians and my intuitive personal touch, I cleanse the stones of negative, low vibrational energy. After clearing the stones, ShiTerra stones are blessed and programmed with intention for Your specific mission. 

Crystals are powerful allies in healing and expansion. They gather, transmit and amplify energy.        They are condensed consciousness.

Quality of ShiTerra Crystals

Throughout the years, I have identified partners and providers across the World who provide High-Quality authentic stones. ShiTerra stones are never dyed or artificial.

Picking Your Personalized Stone

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