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ShiTerra Ritual

Using the teachings of Native Indians and my own intuitive personal touch, I cleanse the stones of negative or low vibration energy. Then, I bless ShiTerra stones and program them with intention and for a specific mission. The general intention is to support, guide and protect whoever is going to carry them. While I don’t need to know or meet the person, knowing the name of the future receiver will help with the intention setting and programming.”

Meet Shiva

My journey with Healing Empowering Stones started a few years ago while I was on my own spiritual journey. I was introduced to these magnificent gifts of Mother Nature and gradually they became my allies. My background is in science. All my life, I relied on hard scientific facts. While navigating through my inner healing and self-discovery journey, I realized that answers are within ourselves. Nature provides us with a variety of tools throughout our journey on this planet. Very early on, I noticed that each stone had a different feel. I learned how to feel and listen to them. I collected any information I could get my hands on. I learned how to let myself be guided. I started by making bracelets for myself and gifting them to my entourage. Every day, I witness the impact of these beautiful empowering stones in people’s lives. This is why, I wanted to share this gift with all of you!


The name ShiTerra came to me one evening and wrapped me in a feeling of peace. “Shi” refers to the beginning of my name, Shiva. “Terra” is one of many names for Mother Earth. Shiva and Terra come together to bring these Healing Empowering Stones to you.